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Even though much of the visible debris of the the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011 has been cleared away, there are still tender wounds remaining in the hearts and minds of many children and their families in the Tohoku region. Whole family units, neighborhoods, entire communities were devastated and wiped out in the cataclysmic event. This has forced literally hundreds of of thousands of children, mothers and their families to live in ‘temporary housing units’ (kasetsu-jyutaku). Equally of great concern is the over 71,000 children and mothers who have been evacuated from the Fukushima Prefecture’s ‘Hamadori’ eastern districts They have been scattered throughout Japan, many of them living separated from their fathers, grandparents and friends. In such unstable, impermanent and stressful circumstances as these children can be especially susceptible to intense anxiety, depression and in time PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome), and the symptoms of which can take even many years to manifest.

APRICOT (Allied Psychotherapy Relief Initiative for the Children of Tohoku) is a nonprofit fund supporting the ongoing work of Japan's mental health professionals directly providing counseling relief services for the children and their families in the Tohoku region who were affected by the disaster. There is a 四文字熟語 or a four word idiom in Japanese, 緇林杏壇 (shinrin-kyoudan), which means place of learning or “education circle”. It is said that there were an abundance of apricot trees by 孔子(koushi), a historical chinese scholar’s place of study or learning. Hence the Chinese term 杏壇, which directly translates to “platform” or “world of” apricot.

APRICOT, in the spirit of learning aims to provide nonprofit awareness and motivate fundraising projects that are established to support the ongoing work of Japan's mental health professionals providing counseling relief services for the children of Iwate, Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures and for the children evacuated from Hamadori. Much still needs to be done both now and for the long run. Tasks are aimed at healing and as far as possible, preventing the onset of anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD and other illnesses that can develop in children during both short-term and long term life events.

The APRICOT Project is a 100% voluntary project on the part of all concerned about the mental health care of the children of Tohoku and Fukushima. 100% of all funds raised go directly to the relevant mental health professions emergency committees to be allocated to meet the needs of mental health care services in the field itself. No positions, no salaries, no expenses.

APRICOT is focused on supporting, empowering and enhancing children's, people's and communities' natural resilience to heal and recover from disasters and move forward with their lives. The total population of Tohoku's three coastal prefectures of Iwate, Fukushima and Miyagi currently stands at over 9,000, 000. All will be done by people who are self starting, selfless, compassionate and giving people, and who cancome up with ideas for activities and advocacy for this enormous task that lays ahead of us in the mental health field for the next 20 years.

APRICOT therefore is a movement that brings together people with the heart to care about children and to commit their time, energy and long term dedication to supporting and caring for the mental health care of the children of Tohoku ensuring that these children will have support until each and every one of them reaches adulthood.

Please visit APRICOT's website for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries. You can add your voice and show your support now to raise awareness of APRICOT Projects for the Chidren of Tohoku:
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Donation Information

APRICOT has started accepting donations

Personal Donations ¥1,000 ~

Corporal Donations ¥10,000 ~

Bank Account Information

Bank Account Name: APRICOT

Bank Branch and Name: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Higashimatsubara Branch

三菱東京UFJ 東松原 特別出張所

Account Number: 0031109


Contact Tokyo Counseling Services's Team APRICOT

For more information on how you, your friends, your networknig groups, your life bases and your communities can support APRICOT


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