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Message of Encouragement - East Japan

We hope this message finds you and those you care for well during these difficult times in Japan since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on the 11th of March 2011. We extend our deepest sympathy and encouragement to the people of Tohoku who have endured so much and continue to strive to move forward through this difficult time for the Tohoku region and the nation as a whole.


Free Counseling Services for the

Survivors of the East Japan Disasters

Tokyo Counseling Services have started providing free counseling services for those who have suffered the Great East Japan Earthquake. We send our deep and abiding sympathy and thoughts to the victims of and their families affected by the disasters. Now we have decided to provide free counseling services to victims of disasters in a collaboration with Tokyo Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in receiving our service.


Details and Inquiries


Who is eligible? Those who have a disaster-victim certificate. If you do not have the certificate, please bring a proof of your residence in the disaster areas.

What sort of issues can I ask for a help? Employment, job (change), conflicts among family members, and other concerns originating from the disasters. (When judged that a medical intervention is necessary, we may refer the client to a medical institution instead of providing a free counseling session.)

How long are sessions? 50 minutes per session.

How do I start? Please call (03-5431-3096) or email us (tokyocounselingservices@gmail.com) in advance to make an appointment (No walk-in sessions provided)

There are no restrictions on the number of sessions we can provide for clients eligible for this free counseling services.


Counseling Center Contact and Appointments

For more information on how contact Tokyo Counseling Services' Reception for more information and how to schedule apppointments for indvidual, couples and family therapy simply follow this link to our "Appointments and Inquiries" section.


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