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Message of Encouragement East Japan Great Earthquake Tsunami

We hope this message finds you and those you care for well during these difficult times in Japan since the Great East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami on 11th March, 2011. Here at Tokyo Counseling Service we extend our deepest sympathy and encouragement to the people of the Tohoku Region who have endured so much and continue to strive to rebuild and move forward though this difficult time for the of the Tohoku region and the nation as a whole.


The Tokyo Podcast Interview by Mr. Anthony Joh



Andrew Grimes interviewed by Anthony Jou for "Tokyo Podcast"

On June 18th 2012, Andrew Grimes, Director of Tokyo counseling Services was interviewed by Tokyo Podcast in an interview titled, "Suicide in Japan". Tokyo Podcast is a website that posts recorded interviews, discussions as well as written articles regarding unique Japanese cultural influences and ways in which they are prominent in the Japanese community. Within this hotspot of cultural inquiry and discovery, "Suicide in Japan" focuses on the issues surrounding suicide, particularly in Japan, and the way the Japanese community copes with mental health.

The conversation does not only focus on the clinical aspect of suicide, but is simultaneously an informative discussion of cultural norms, cultural history and the differences between the Eastern and the Western world, brought forth by such cultural issues. The podcast can be heard by clicking on the link above through Tokyo Podcast's site or by scrolling down this page. Additionally, Tokyo Podcast is structured in a way that allows comments on the interview and the various issues surrounding it to encourage people to delve in the conversation and to continue the important and necessary dialogue about suicide in Japan.


Reflections of the Event

The importance of having a dialogue about such issues are because conversations like these that can have an effect not only on Japan and its community but to people and communities all over the world. As Mr. Andrew Grimes states, "Posts like yours on Tokyo Podcast and here can reach many thousands of people throughout Japan and worldwide, some of them who may be feeling feeling depressed and that no one cares about the dark times they are going through, and personally I think empathy, sympathy and direct access to help and suppport when depressed can flame the faintest of glimmers of hope for many people in japan who will fortunately be coming across your words and voices in the darkness that can make all the difference".


"Suicide in Japan" - The Interview

Tokyo Podcast Suicide in Japan


Thank you

Finally and most importantly, we would like to thank Tokyo Podcast and their team for being concerned about this very important issue of suicide in Japan, and allowing TCS to contribute in this way. Mr. Andrew Grimes comments, "Many thanks Anthony for your sincere care and help in focusing on suicide and mental health care in Japan on your Tokyo Podcast show. I just saw your post on Tokyo Podcast’s facebook page and am deeply impressed by the heartfelt responses your podcast is generating and want to say first grateful thanks to Unrested, Brad and Hikosaemon for all your very sympathetic, passionate and caring concern that those who are going through stress, depression, feeling hopeless, lonely and sometimes feeling suicidal can find the help and support they naturally deserve. The interaction here on suicide in Japan is the best I’ve seen on the social web. I really hope you and other social media creators like you follow your lead and help to keep people’s mental health care needs in Japan in the spotlight".


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